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Where’s the best starting point for learning about the development process?

First off, check out some books from the Urban Land Institute (ULI). They’re excellent resources for understanding the ins and outs of development. You might find more budget-friendly used versions online.


ULI local events can be informative, but be mindful—some might be a bit too specialized. Check the ULI website for event details, and before spending big. I might be able to help you choose the ones that give you the most bang for your buck. 


For a real-world perspective, consider working for a developer. It’s a hands-on way to grasp decision-making processes and get some valuable experience under your belt.


Explore the BiggerPockets podcast and blog for insights—they’re not strictly about development, but you’ll find a lot of practical wisdom. 


For local resources, UrbanToronto, BlogTO, and Urban Nation are also great, with both free and paid content.


Cost consultant websites like Altus and Finnegan Marshall offer insightful market reports that can deepen your understanding. 


To get a feel for the actual process, attend public meetings for new developments or check out a city council session. 


Overall there is no shortage of resources for learning about the real estate development process. The more exposure you get, the more chances you have to learn. Lastly, don’t hesitate to reach out before making any big investments. We are here to help you choose resources that match your learning goals. 


Payam Noursalehi
Payam Noursalehi

A Real Estate & Construction Professional with a passion for Mid-Rise projects. His experience comes from his exposure to multiple aspects of the industry, such as Engineering, Construction Management, Development Management, and Private Equity Investment.

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