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Risk, Creativity, and Excellence: Real Estate Development with Sheldon Rosen (#2)

Sheldon D. Rosen (#2)

The founder of the SDR Group is an Architect turned Real Estate Developer. Over the past four decades, The SDR Group has been at the forefront of leading design and development. Endeavors revolve around creating and participating in exciting projects and ground-breaking opportunities involving sustainability, re-purposing, and imaginatively implementing fascinating and creative solutions.

Sheldon D Rosen - Real Estate Development Insights Podcast Guest

In this episode of the Real Estate Development Insights Podcast, host Payam Noursalehi sits down with Sheldon D. Rosen, and architect turned developer and founder of the SDR Group. They discuss Sheldon’s journey from architecture to development, the challenges and strategies involved in the real estate development process, and key advice for aspiring developers. 

The conversation covers risk management, networking, financing, and the importance of creativity and research in successful projects. Sheldon also shares insights into dealing with market cycles, attracting investors, and the impact of world events on development. The episode contains practical advice and inspiring stories from Sheldon’s extensive career.


Here are some highlights for this discussion:

  • The Journey of Becoming a Developer: Challenges and Insights
  • Sheldon’s First Development Project: A Leap into the Unknown
  • The Complexities of Real Estate Development
  • What are some of the key decisions in Real Estate Development? 
  • Advice for Aspiring Developers: Understanding the Essentials
  • Critical Decisions in the Development Process
  • The Creative Process: From Vision to Reality
  • Building for Excellence: Sheldon’s Philosophy on Development
  • Exploring the Monotony of Modern Buildings
  • The Philosophy of Unique Living Spaces
  • Creating Community Through Design
  • The Art of Building for Different Needs
  • Attracting Investors and Partners in Development
  • The Power of Storytelling in Architecture
  • Advice for Aspiring Developers and Architects
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Payam Noursalehi
Payam Noursalehi

A Real Estate & Construction Professional with a passion for Mid-Rise projects. His experience comes from his exposure to multiple aspects of the industry, such as Engineering, Construction Management, Development Management, and Private Equity Investment.

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