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Tag: real estate development - Facade Systems, Climate Performance, and Important Decisions: Insights from Blair Davies,

Facade Systems, Climate Performance, and Important Decisions: Insights from Blair Davies, P.Eng.(4)

.... the trends in mid-rise building projects, offering valuable advice for developers on optimizing facade systems for better performance and aesthetics. Join us for an in-depth conversation on how facades contribute to the functionality, branding, and longevity of modern buildings.
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Engineering, Sustainability, & Real Estate Development

Engineering, Sustainability, and Real Estate Development: A Deep Dive with Cara Sloat (3)

This episode features an insightful conversation with Cara Sloat, a mechanical engineer with over 20 years of experience, focusing on low-energy mechanical systems, decarbonization, and the importance of mechanical engineering in addressing climate change.
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The Harbour Club - Port Dalhousie

Risk, Creativity, and Excellence: Real Estate Development with Sheldon Rosen (#2)

Sheldon D. Rosen (#2) The founder of the SDR Group is an Architect turned Real Estate Developer. Over the past four decades, The SDR Group has been at the forefront of leading design and development. Endeavors revolve around creating and participating in exciting projects and
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Where’s the best starting point for learning about the development process?

First off, check out some books from the Urban Land Institute (ULI). They’re excellent resources for understanding the ins and outs of development. You might find more budget-friendly used versions online. ULI local events can be informative, but be mindful—some might be a bit too
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Lessons in Mid-Rise Development: Insights from Kosta’s Journey

His journey as a mid-rise developer is an inspiring tale of persistence, adaptability, and tenacity. He conquered the challenges of undertaking a major project, emerging as a role model for aspiring developers looking to make their mark in the real estate industry.
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Decoding Development Possibilities: The Significance of Highest and Best Use Studies

The best way to unlock your property’s potential. Where do you start when you own a potential redevelopment site and need to determine whether it is best suited for a mid-rise development or something else? In Ontario, all land-use decisions flow down from the provincial
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